Writing is Marmite

There's a saying about Marmite... maybe you've heard of it? You either love it or hate it. Well, writing I'm afraid is both. Writing is Marmite. Some days I love it, some days it's my worst enemy. I feel both. "But how can you say that YOU'RE a Writer!" ...because it's the truth. I have … Continue reading Writing is Marmite


TV Licence Too Much?

So I do not have a TV Licence. This apparently is shocking to a lot of people and to the TV Licensing company themselves. A little bit of background here... Last year my partner moved in with me after my flatmate moved out and we decided to take a good look at all of our … Continue reading TV Licence Too Much?

The Best Book for Writers.

So you might be a writer yourself or perhaps you know one... what can you get them when Christmas or a birthday rolls around? Let me tell you. Every year a book is released, a book that is vital to anyone in the writing industry, that book is called Writer's & Artist's Yearbook. If you … Continue reading The Best Book for Writers.