Snow place like home

So my quiet Sunday couldn't have been more perfect. I was woken up to the hum of the radiators kicking in, drew back the curtains and saw a powder coated scene straight out of a Christmas snow globe. The perfect time for a hot drink and cracking on with some writing eh? Nope. The first thing … Continue reading Snow place like home


The Big Question – The 6 simplest steps to becoming a writer

How can I become a writer? Lots of people worry that they aren't qualified or experienced enough to be labelled as a writer. This question is very simple to answer. You need to write. There are no exams to definitively label you as a writer. Many people before me have said what I'm about to … Continue reading The Big Question – The 6 simplest steps to becoming a writer

So, back to University

After graduating the first time around in 2013, tomorrow I'm going back to University for my very first class... and I am nervous. Why? I've done this type of class before, I work at the University... What is going on? The sensible (ish) twenty-seven year old me knows that this is temporary first-day jitters but still, … Continue reading So, back to University

Own your weird – and why you’re not alone.

You’re too short, too tall, too weird, too geeky, too feminine, too manly… the list goes on. At some point, someone has pointed out a difference to you from themselves. We all have things that don’t fit the “norm”. Some wear that as a badge of honour, some bury it deep down, but we all … Continue reading Own your weird – and why you’re not alone.

Manners don’t cost a thing…

We've all had that moment of being tutted at and we can't figure out what we've done wrong... Or perhaps overheard a complaint about somebody else. You might've heard it whilst shopping or on public transport, wherever it crops up, it's almost certainly a busy place with people trying to get on with their day. … Continue reading Manners don’t cost a thing…

Writing is Marmite

There's a saying about Marmite... maybe you've heard of it? You either love it or hate it. Well, writing I'm afraid is both. Writing is Marmite. Some days I love it, some days it's my worst enemy. I feel both. "But how can you say that YOU'RE a Writer!" ...because it's the truth. I have … Continue reading Writing is Marmite

TV Licence Too Much?

So I do not have a TV Licence. This apparently is shocking to a lot of people and to the TV Licensing company themselves. A little bit of background here... Last year my partner moved in with me after my flatmate moved out and we decided to take a good look at all of our … Continue reading TV Licence Too Much?

The Best Book for Writers.

So you might be a writer yourself or perhaps you know one... what can you get them when Christmas or a birthday rolls around? Let me tell you. Every year a book is released, a book that is vital to anyone in the writing industry, that book is called Writer's & Artist's Yearbook. If you … Continue reading The Best Book for Writers.

Creative Writing vs. Professional Writing

All writing is creative. Full stop. I don't care if you're writing a University essay, a shopping list or the next great novel... all writing is creative. This is because to properly communicate via writing, you have to think about what your writing is saying and what it looks like. Let's take a shopping list … Continue reading Creative Writing vs. Professional Writing